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Artec Lantec is a privately owned international company representing vendors from around the world in Israel since 1995. As the world enters a new integral era, we leverage our global perspective of the market to optimally serve the interests of the companies we represent here on an exclusive basis.more

Everything happening in the world recently has reinforced what we have felt for many years in our business dealings: we are living in an interdependent world. Whatever happens on one side of the world can be felt immediately on the other. Everything is connected.

This is why we place great value on human relations. We see how each connection we form provides a foundation for something greater than the matter at hand. The beauty of what makes us human is perfectly synchronized with the values at the heart of Artec Lantec’s core business philosophy. We are constantly striving to go the extra mile for the people we are connected to, so we can all advance forward together. Together, we can benefit more.less


Looking for representation in Israel? Experience the personal service we built our business on. Having a representative looking after your best interests in Israel reduces the possibility of discovering fraudulent components in your products to zero. Please contact us to learn more about Artec Lantec being your rep in Israel. more

Stocking Distributor 

As Israel’s most well-known stocking distributor of electronic parts with high-end facilities on both sides of the Atlantic; Artec Lantec is a vital link in the technology supply chain. We have been supplying high-technology products and services to customers throughout the world since 1995. more

Message from the CEO

Since the world has become so global, we see the value of global collaboration as a very significant aspect of our business nowadays. What value does this hold for you? more

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