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The Value of Global Collaboration

We develop unique strategies to advance your products and ensure your successful penetration of the local market. Our goal in today’s increasingly competitive and dynamic market is accelerating solutions and your products time to market.

Optical & RF Microwave

We have been immersed in the development of leading technologies for more than a decade. Our experience includes a deep familiarity with the supply chain, materials, technologies and techniques required to bring today’s complex Optical  and RF/Microwave products to market. Our solutions accelerate IP in a manner that allows our customers to bring their products to market sooner. We have the capability to create custom and cost-effective solutions based on customer specifications. We complement your design team with our design and engineering skills and services, which are all focused around IP acceleration. We specialize in building these products according to the highest quality and performance standards, while maintaining the value of your IP.


Artec Lantec exploits synergies in the field of electrical and electronic connectors to provide you with integrated solutions for connecting your devices and networking your industrial processes. We partner with the world’s leading producers of high-quality, high-performance and reliable key technology components for multi-layered printed circuit boards (PCBs), backplane assemblies and cable assemblies. Our interconnect abilities specifically focus on producing high mix, high added-value solutions that are innovative, cost-efficient and founded on deep engineering know-how.

Mechanical Systems

Artec Lantec provides a complete range of design engineering, prototyping, volume manufacturing, assembly and test services for advanced electro-mechanical systems across major markets where Israel plays a leading role in global markets. Key segments include defense and aerospace, medical and clean technology, communications, enterprise computing and storage, multimedia, industrial and semiconductor. We are focused on providing customers with a cost-effective solution for the design and manufacture of highly reliable and high-performance electro-mechanical systems that can be found in leading products all over the world.