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The Value of Global Collaboration

Artec Lantec focuses on key markets where Israel has a clear technological advantage, to create value for its customers. Through our partnerships and networking, we continue to drive innovation and create new opportunities for the vendors we represent in Israel.  Due to our involvement in numerous vital sectors, we have a global perspective of business processes that allows us to understand the market dynamics and challenges that can impact our customer’s business.

Aerospace & Defense

Israeli is known worldwide for its innovative aerospace and defense technologies. Artec Lantec has years of experience in this sector and numerous high-level contacts that manage the largest projects in Israel.  Our supply chain management services meet the specifications and standards of international aerospace and defense markets. Artec Lantec understands the unique concerns of these industries and that customers require dedicated, customizable service with access to complex subassembly and system manufacturing. We provide several advantages that address these industry challenges, including global logistics and supply chain management that enables us to provide exceptional service and reduce costs wherever possible.

Power Systems

Artec Lantec represents the world’s leading providers of modular power components and complete power systems used in all communications, data processing, industrial controls, test equipment, medical and defense electronics markets. Our project engineers leverage the combined advantages of leading components to create highly compact, functional, and cost-efficient products with streamlined development cycles that reduce the time to market. Our main markets for power converters and systems are large original equipment manufacturers (OEM’s) and smaller users, which are broadly distributed across several major market areas. As a stocking distributor, our global logistics operation allows us to deliver standard and custom high-performance power conversion components worldwide with very short development and delivery.

LED, Lighting & Display

We are living in an increasingly connected world with smart solutions that help us manage our lives more efficiently. Artec Lantec is a niche boutique operation representing the interests of leading worldwide manufacturers in Israel, for everything to do with the most advanced innovation in LED, Lighting and Display solutions. We apply over two decades of technical experience and our exceptional consultative expertise toward integrating advanced lighting solutions into the products of tomorrow.


Artec Lantec provides a superior level of medical technology expertise, empowering our customers to develop and bring to market the most innovative and revenue-generating medical devices in the world. We address the unique requirements of medical products, accelerate your time-to-market and support you throughout the life cycle of your product. The expertise provided by our engineers enables you to focus on bringing your innovative products to market faster and at lower costs.  Our unique value proposition includes providing world-class design, engineering, and logistics services for the medical devices and medical equipment markets. Artec Lantec has the ability to provide a full scope of services, supply chain management, and is committed to using the most advanced practices.

Networking & Communication

We provide new and relevant technologies for manufacturers of network and communications equipment to ensure the highest quality of voice, video and data transmission. With network and communication designs being subject to constant change, Artec Lantec’s flexibility and deep understanding of these high performance technologies provides customers with a significant advantage. As an exclusive representative and stocking distributor of industry-leading EMS providers, we maintain the most comprehensive communication solutions.


Artec Lantec is focused on delivering quality, flexibility and value to the world’s leading multimedia OEM’s (original equipment manufacturers). We handle everything such as prototyping components and complete systems, new product introduction, and provide cost-efficient supply chain solutions that are a critical aspect in building sophisticated multimedia devices. The solutions in this sector are typically for home entertainment, personal lifestyle and multimedia devices that we use on a daily basis such as point-of-sale terminals, home controls, video equipment, set-top boxes, GPS systems, etc. We have the technological experience, knowledge and global presence to help you reduce costs, accelerate time-to-market processes and simplify supply chain operations.

Mobile and Consumer Devices

Artec Lantec provides the world’s leading mobile and consumer device sub-contractors with the necessary elements required to deliver highly competitive products to the global marketplace. Our full offering includes product design services, manufacturing, materials management, test development, new product introduction services, logistics, reverse logistics and full product life cycle support. At times we deliver tailored and unique solutions to meet our customers’ needs. Our complete supply chain and product life cycle management solutions allow you to meet the demanding requirements of today’s competitive mobile and consumer products industries.


The Industrial market consists of OEMs that provide business-to-business products, primarily of machinery that supports the manufacturing of consumer products. This includes factory automation, material handling, fluid processing, packaging equipment, industrial control, and process control. Artec Lantec focuses on the needs of these customers with its products, solutions, and services. We have the focus of a smaller company and resources of a larger company, which enables us to provide end-to-end capabilities with comprehensive vertical integration. Our customers also leverage our purchasing power and global supply base management system.