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The Value of Global Collaboration

Artec Lantec provides a variety of strategic solutions and augmented services that continually increase value for the people we do business with. We leverage our experience and knowledge to increase opportunities for the leading vendors we represent in Israel.


Wherever there is a blueprint being created in Israel we are right there to offer total design services from the initial specifications stage, and all the way through the implementation and production phases.  We offer concepts, help architect product design wherever necessary, and develop high-performance products based on requirements.
We are known for going out of our way to be extremely flexible and are proud to have produced significant solutions that have been produced in mass quantities, thanks to our capability to think outside the box.


Our top priority is delivering quality – for ourselves and everyone we are connected to.  We have the engineering knowledge in our development division to design the highest quality and robust solutions.  We are constantly checking compliance issues to ensure our solutions meeting tough standards in every region of the world.  Our production processes go through rigorous testing to achieve optimal monitoring and are constantly fine-tuned toward meeting the sophisticated requirements of our customers.

Design & Engineering

We recruit the best and brightest engineers from the highly capable pool of talent in Israel. Some of the people we work with to create real value for our customers have the most exceptional capabilities in the business. Apart from their vast technological knowledge, they also contribute to reducing costs and improving processes and performance, while meeting the latest international standards.

Artec Lantec provides the most complete technical solution, tailored to the customer product on one end and the EMS provider’s requirements on the other.


Artec Lantec provides integrated solutions for connecting your devices and networking your industrial processes. We develop and manufacture cable assembly and interconnect solutions for all major market sectors. Our wide range of cost-effective and high-performance interconnect solutions includes cables assemblies, wire harnesses and electro-mechanical assemblies.


Artec Lantec is proud of its years of experience and knowledge in plastic injection molding, aluminum die casting, machining and value-add assembly. Our extensive capabilities include mechanical design of plastic components, support for new product introduction, rapid prototyping, and manufacturing.

Optical Modules

Artec Lantec’s optical and microelectronics design and manufacturing solutions incorporate leading edge technologies. Our engineering expertise and experience are appreciated by Electronics Manufacturing Services (EMS) providers that produce some of the most popular products in the world for mainstream markets.


Artec Lantec has the ability to deliver complex and custom backplane and printed circuit board (PCB) solutions that provide performance and real value. Whether customers require passive, active or high-bandwidth backplanes, we have cost-effective solutions, and stocking facilities for instant deployment of whatever is necessary for your project.

Precision Machining & Frames

In order to provide customers with complete end-to-end supply chain solutions Artec Lantec has developed outstanding precision machining services over the years. Whatever the project at hand, we provide solutions that reduce costs across the board, reduce lengthy processes, and simplify supply chain management.

Printed Circuit Boards

At every stage of the way Artec Lantec is committed to providing customers with suitable technologies and solutions that improve performance while reducing costs. Since 1995, we have perfected our ability to integrate sophisticated solutions made up of complex and multi-layer printed circuit boards into the products of tomorrow.

Memory Modules

Artec Lantec is directly involved in designing, manufacturing and supplying the most advanced, cost-effective and innovative products for Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) in the major markets in Israel such as Defense and Medical.